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"Burning Sassafras" (essay, nonfiction) - Appears in The Deadlands, Issue 18 (October 2022). An essay on death in the rural Ozarks, as I best know it--through the lens of my family and folks like them--including how folks try to avoid it and what happens when they can't. Author and blogger Maria Haskins described it as "exquisite as it delves into death and belief, magic and the deep roots of the past in the Ozarks."

All the Kingdoms of the World (and their splendor). - (poetry) Written at the urging of a bishop for the complicated and beautiful season of Lent.

"The Charity Case" (short fiction) - A therapist explores what actually scares her. Featured in the Cinnabar Moth Literary Collections Ezine on the theme "moral dilemmas."



"Marginalia" (essay, nonfiction) - A personal essay that explores of the power of words, family, and perseverance. Published in Issue #3 of Gamut Magazine. Read it HERE.

"to Dust" (prose-poem) - War comes to the heartlands. Speculative poem published in The Dread Machine, Volume 3.2 (Available in print HERE. Also available as a PDF copy.)

Prose #4: Picking Blackberries. (chapbook, fiction) - A young girl provides testimony for a complicated family case. Available from Belle Point Press. Order HERE. A little note about this release (that reveals a tidbit about it) HERE.

"Without Protest" (short fiction) - A Pushcart Prize-nominated gothic about the battle for visibility, oh, and a rattlesnake, a soul, and a crossroads - appears in HELL IS REAL: A Midwest Gothic Anthology. (Now available to order hardcover HERE or to download as a free PDF HERE.)

"Thawing" (short fiction) - In case you need some feelings about gays, guitars, and homecoming - appears in Mid/South Anthology. (Now available for order HERE.) For more information, check out @BellePointPress or Belle Point Press.

"Making Peace" (poetry) - Looking at the Vietnam War from two perspectives, appears in Proud To Be: Writing By American Warriors, Volume 11 is available to order HERE from Southeast Missouri University Press. (Please note, the Proud to Be anthologies invite writing from American veterans and the families of veterans. Cassie's father was a Naval veteran, but she has never served in the armed forces.)

Like what you've read or heard? Don't worry! There are plenty of IRONS IN THE FIRE.

And a few more things...

Reading- To see and hear Cassie's mentor, the incomparable Christopher Rowe, reading an excerpt of her work, go HERE. This is Christopher's excellent graduation reading of some of Cassie's work completed in her year in the Carnegie Center Author Academy. (Thanks, @ChristopherRowe!)

Interviews - Read a delightful interview with Cassie from Belle Point Press HERE. (Thanks, @CasieDodd!) And read a little feature about Cassie and her Author Academy experiences in the Student Spotlight of the Summer 2023 Carnegie Center Newsletter HERE.

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