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I say I'm a fiction writer and a tea drinker. Short of sitting down with you and brewing you a cup, here's the closest I can get to sharing my passion. I'll point you to a few places that I have gotten great tea over the years.

Quick note: I get no kickbacks or recompense for any of these recommendations. They don't know who I am (beyond, perhaps, a really good customer). This is pure love and admiration.

Boulder Tea Company (housed within the Dushanbe Tea House): with an impressive menu of quality loose leaf and herbal blend options, this is a true treat. And if you ever travel to Boulder, Colorado, do go to the Dunshanbe just off the Pearl Street Mall for a cup of tea or a light meal. The entire structure is stunning.

MonTea: formerly a brick and mortar in Kentucky, they are now an online only supplier of a vast assortment of teas of all kinds. Their offerings are all excellent.

Coffee Times: operating in Lexington, Kentucky. Don't let the name fool you. Their loose leaf tea selection is lovely. (Their coffee is great, too... if you're into that.) They offer their catalogue for mail order, too.

Louisville Tea Company: with a lovely and wide selection of flavored, blended teas, Louisville makes the cut, too! I have enjoyed their collections.

Chabom Tea + Spices: this is a great brick and mortar in Springfield, Missouri that also provides mail order for a wide selection of loose leaf teas (and boxed, bagged types). Their spice selection is also impressive. If you go, the shopping atmosphere is great!

Savoy Tea Co.: this is a lovely small chain. I discovered them in the KC area, where they have stores in KCMO and Lenexa, Kansas. I enjoy their large loose leaf selection, which moves seasonally. In house, they also serve some tasty treats.

and making a special appearance...

Ozark Coffee Co: because I think their London Fog (Earl Grey drink) is the best, the atmosphere is lovely, the coffee is great, and they are reviving the local area, these folks make the cut, too. Operating since 2014, in Sedalia, Missouri. (I promise it's not just because they have Ozark in their name.)

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