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Cassie E. Brown
writer & tea drinker

Person in a red shirt in front of a field

Cassie E. Brown (she/her) is an author, poet, and essayist. Her work draws inspiration from her childhood in rural Missouri, classic children’s literature, and her experiences as a queer misfit. Cassie’s work explores what is ugly, beautiful, and true about rural places and fairy tales. Writing fluently in both literary and speculative genres, her work has appeared in anthologies, magazines, and journals.

Cassie has a BA from Kenyon College and an MSW from the University of Denver.  She is a graduate of the Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning Author Academy, where she was mentored by author Christopher Rowe. Cassie currently serves on the Author Academy Alumni Advisory Board.

Apart from writing, she is a social worker and a tea aficionado.

Any opinions expressed, or perceived to be expressed, herein or within any of her creative writing belong to Cassie alone.

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